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Tenacious Words will interview the subject and craft an overview of the background, platform, mission and message to present a document which will allow the world to understand the subject a bit deeper. A solid bio garners more media relationships than some loosely associated sentences that say nothing and mean little.

Company Profiles

A new business needs to be able to tell the world how they got into the business, why they are in the business and how they plan to deliver benefit to business relationships. These statements should be made in an interesting manner that will make it easier for potential business affiliates to enter into negotiations. An expanding or developing business has the same need.

Press Releases

The right press release, crafted well calls attention to your project or business. Tenacious Words crafts press releases that are clear and newsworthy, calling attention to the most salient information the media needs to see. We make certain that the release reads well and is professional with proper sources cited and quoted appropriately.

Tenacious Books

Tenacious Books can edit books, articles and even educational papers that you may be seeking to convert to paperback. We design, format, print and distribute your book project for one low price. For more information email: info@TenaciousBooks.com.